Why Choose Shutterway

  • The elegant horizontal louvre design is pleasing to look through and doesn’t detract from your home’s aesthetics
  • Made from steel, the system is extremely strong
  • Units are custom-made, protected against corrosion and available in a wide range of colours
  • All workmanship carries a three-year guarantee
  • Units are securely fixed into the brickwork
  • Gates are fitted with quality lock options and can be key-alike if desired (i.e. one lock works in multiple gates)
  • A full length reinforced lock post combined with a solid lock block and reinforced gate frames, with minimal gap between gate and posts or panels, limits leveraging positions and makes lock tampering extremely difficult
  • Ease of cleaning, no dirt collecting recesses
  • Units are professionally installed with the least inconvenience
  • We will gladly remove any existing unsightly barriers
  • Solutions available include window fixtures, swing security gates and sliding panels

Clean Lines Don’t Detract From Your View!

Better looking than conventional burglar bars and security gates, Shutterway is taking “a new slant” on security! Our design provides a similar aesthetic to security shutters, and can be used in combination with conventional blinds or curtains to provide screening.

Stylish Security

Unfortunately it is a sad reality in South Africa today, but it has become imperative that one creates a physical barrier to curb the house break-ins and burglaries that have become commonplace in our society and threaten what is dear to us. While achieving this goal, we aim to fit your premises with a burglar proof product that looks stylish, as opposed to a jail like appearance.