Shutterway gives you an elegant security solution, with the architecturally pleasing fixed louvre design providing a welcome departure from standard burglar bars and expandable gates. All units are custom made and available in a range of different configurations and colours to suit your requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our representatives can visit you in your home to assess your needs.

burglar bars

Shutterway’s elegant window security solution consists of custom made units in a fixed louvre design, giving the appearance of blinds or shutters, with much neater aesthetics than standard burglar bars.

security gates

Shutterway stylish security gates provide a solid barrier for any entrance to your home, while the elegant fixed louvre design creates clean horizontal lines, giving the impression of Venetian blinds or shutters.

passage gates

When considering security an internal passage gate placed in a passageway or stairwell is a good idea. These passage gates are designed to isolate the bedroom area of the house, creating a “safe zone”.