Maintenance Guide: How To Care For Your Shutterway Units

Just like your car requires some cleaning once in a while to keep it in tip-top shape so do our Shutterway security units. We have put together an easy-to-follow care and maintenance guide to give your Shutterway units the required TLC for a longer lifespan.


This is not a maintenance-free product and it needs to be cleaned. Environmental conditions have a dramatic effect on surface finishes, especially on external installations. Industrial pollution, high humidity, sea air, and acid rain can cause a finish to deteriorate and oxidize.

Cleaning units regularly will dramatically prolong the lifespan. Diluted car care products (salt-free) work best for this, use with a soft cloth and as per manufacturer’s directions. Do not use bleaching agents or harsh detergents to clean the product. Use diluted vinegar with a soft cloth to wipe down any surface imperfections or settlements. Immediately clean all solution off with warm water and wipe down with another dry soft cloth.

Infrequently used units should be opened and moving parts lubricated with silicone spray (such as WD40 or similar) regularly to ensure that there is no seizure of moving components.

Apply the following cleaning frequency guide, depending on the proximity to the coast:

  • Mild environments (10+ km from the coast) – clean at least every 4 months
  • Moderate environments (between 5 – 10 km from the coast) – clean at least every 2 months
  • Marine environments (500 m – 5 km from the coast) – clean at least every 2 – 3 weeks
  • Harsh marine environments (within 500 m of the coast) – clean at least every 1 – 2 weeks. This is an extreme environment and frequent cleaning to prevent the settlement of corrosive salts on the coated surface is imperative. Apply automotive wax in harsh environments like this, to further protect the coated surface.

Remember, prevention is better than cure… If you follow this guide on how to care for your Shutterway units they will have a long and happy life.