Nursery Renovation: A Recent Shutterway Installation

Renovating is the perfect time to upgrade the security of your home. When committing to a renovation the last thing on your mind is most likely the security. However, it is amazing what difference upgraded security barriers can make to the look and feel of a room and ultimately your home.

Security should be seen as an investment and not a grudge purchase. Shutterway’s security gates and burglar bars are functional and easy on the eye at the same time and well worth the investment. Why not make Shutterway part of your next renovation?

A recent client decided to upgrade their burglar bars when they turned a storage room into a nursery. Shutterway was privileged to have been a part of this amazing transformation into a fully functional nursery.

When preparing for a new baby, the renovation of the nursery is one of the most exciting aspects. Choosing a colour scheme or a theme and making sure that the new arrival would have all the necessities at hand is all part of the journey.

The Renovation

Carpets were ripped out and replaced, the walls got a new coat of paint and cupboards were updated. The old burglar bars were also replaced as part of the renovation. Not only was the security upgraded, but the elegant fixed louvre design of these burglar bars contributed to the neat and tidy aspects of the overall look.

The Saftey Aspect

One important element that might be looked over is how secure the windows are. Are they secured with burglar bars and how strong are they? Older burglar bars used to be screwed into the wooden frame. This is not very secure or aesthetically pleasing and is mostly only a visual deterrent.

Planning The Nursery

If you are expecting or planning a bundle of joy you can have a read here for some handy tips to consider in the planning of the nursery.

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