Property Security: How To Assess Your Security At Home

Being at home for an extended period of time during the nationwide lockdown certainly has given us all an opportunity to slow down. Now we can spend some more time with our families, and quite likely take care of many home DIY tasks that have been put off for too long! While the economic and social impact that this lockdown will have will be felt over the months and even years to come, it has never been a better time to assess your home security. It’s a good time to check your property to ensure that you are proactive to make sure that you do not fall victim to opportunistic theft.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • If I looked at my property from an intruder’s point of view, what are my weak spots? Where is the property easiest to access from? – We always promote considering a layered approach to security. Having several layers of security with early warning systems is the safest solution.
  • Is my alarm / external lighting / beams / electric fence in working order? When was the last time these were tested and checked?
  • Are there concealed areas on the property? Is there sufficient lighting?
  • Despite perimeter security and beams, does my home have sufficient physical barriers to act as a secondary defense or to keep me safe when I am at home and the alarm system is not activated? This is where Shutterway can help – we have some of the strongest systems with market-leading locks.
  • Is it worth separating the bedroom wing or upstairs section from the rest of the house with an internal gate that can be locked at night when the family goes to sleep?

If you would like to book an online consultation, our reps are available for a video review during the lockdown and can help advise you on your home security. Alternatively, we can arrange site visits once the restrictions have lifted and can advise on the most practical physical security for your home.