Shutterway: Product Update – New Crowbar Resistant Lock


At Shutterway we are constantly testing our product, doing research and development on specific design points and components like a crowbar resistant lock. This way we ensure that we live up to our vision of providing not only the most aesthetically pleasing security gates in the country but also the strongest.

All of our security gate configurations and burglar bars are manufactured in our signature elegant fixed louvre design. In addition, each and every security gate is custom made to your opening sizes.

Known Lock Fail Points

With over a decade in the industry, we have noticed that the most common type of attacks on security gates are leverage type of attacks. These attacks focus on leveraging the lock position to breaking point. Common tools used for this are a screwdriver, tyre lever or crowbar.

Overcoming These Fail Points

We have been working closely with our lock supplier and our own independent designers for several years. The design principle was to overcome any weakness or joint in the thrown deadbolt, ensuring that the deadbolt portion would not break under attack. We are pleased to have rolled out our upgraded deadlock as of March 2020. This market-leading deadlock is now the standard spec on all swing gates.

The Crowbar Resistant Lock

It is a double-throw lock, with a solid bolt of 10 x 24 mm thick steel, with a throw of 24 mm. The additional security feature of this lock lies in the part that you cannot see. Beyond the thrown portion of the lock, the solid deadbolt extends substantially into the lock body. As a result, there is no fail point at the joint of the deadbolt and the lock body.

Additional Security Gate Features

In addition to these extremely strong locks, additional features such as thickened steel in the lock posts, full-length posts and extended tabs covering the lock position make us confident that these gates are the most crowbar resistant options on the market.

Other Lock Options

Should you require other lock options instead of a deadlock on your swing gate, we also offer high-security latching slam locks as well as the bulletproof CISA Elettrika. The Elettrika is a high-security electronic lock that can link to access control solutions or home automation systems.


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